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Studio Policies


Private and Private/Group Combination Lessons:

Students taking private or private/group combination lessons enroll by purchasing either a 7-pack or 10-pack of lessons.  A minimum enrollment of seven lessons is required.  Studio Policies, for piano instruction only, are subject to change during summer months. Instructors will inform students/parents when they are available to take students.

Instruction is scheduled according to course offerings and rates advertised by the individual instructor and collaboration with the studio. Minimum enrollments may apply (currently, all instructors require a minimum enrollment of 7 lessons) and the student/parent is responsible for determining this information with the instructor. Students who enroll for 10 lessons must take all 10 lessons within a three-month time period. Remaining lessons are forfeited, no refund applies.

One-Hour Group Keyboard Sessions, Guitar Classes & Adult Recreational Group Sessions:

These classes start and stop throughout the year according to the number of classes published in the brochure, on the website and other advertisements.


Administrative Fee (new students only):
A non-refundable fee of $20 must be paid in order for a student to be added to the instructor’s schedule. This fee is separate from tuition. An instructor may ask for this fee up front if a student asks to “meet the teacher” prior to committing to a weekly lesson with that instructor.


Full payment or payment arrangements must be made before instruction may begin for all Music Dynamics Studio of the Musical Arts lessons.

How to Pay

Online payment is accepted with major credit cards through PayPal, check or cash. Online registration must be completed in order to use the online payment feature.

Payment for continuing instruction must be paid one week in advance before lessons can continue.

Example: A student who has purchased a 7-pack would plan to pay for another pack of lessons after the 6th lesson. Instructors inform the student when the instruction they paid for is used up. However, the person paying for instruction will be held responsible for paying on time regardless. 

The instructor is not obligated to provide instruction at the scheduled lesson time if payment has not been received on time. In this circumstance, it is expected that the lesson time will be paid for at full price regardless of whether the student received instruction or not. 

Learning Materials

All learning materials are extra, and each instructor will inform the person paying for lessons how they will be paid for. Payment is expected within one week of receipt of the item(s) or by the next scheduled lesson.  Payment for materials must be paid for with cash or check.  Online payments are for Tuition and the Administration Fee only.

Withdrawal or Discontinuation

A withdrawal is considered to be the discontinuation of any or all studies at Music Dynamics Studio of the Musical Arts after lessons have been paid for partially taken or before the end of a piano session. Reasonable notice of withdrawal is considered to be one full week (7 days) prior to the next scheduled lesson. The person responsible for paying for instruction must inform both the instructor and the office.

It is requested and considered polite for students as well as the person responsible for paying for instruction, who wish to discontinue after all lessons paid for have been taken, to inform the instructor directly.



All tuition is non-transferable and non-refundable with the following exceptions: 100% of the tuition is refundable if the student has paid with cash or check and withdraws up to three days prior to the scheduled start date and time of lessons. 50% of the tuition is refundable if the student has paid with cash or check and withdraws less than three days prior to the start date of lessons. There are no refunds of tuition paid for by VISA, MasterCard or Discover. After lessons have begun, regardless of the number of lessons taken, tuition for the remaining lessons not taken, is refundable at 50% provided the required amount of notice time is given. Students who withdraw less than one week before the next scheduled lesson will be responsible for full payment of that lesson.  As stated previously:  Students who enroll for 10 lessons must take all 10 lessons within a 3-month time period.

Cancellation by the Instructor or Music Dynamics Studio of the Musical Arts of a group class:

If a class is cancelled prior to starting, the full tuition is refunded. If lessons or classes are cancelled after starting, remaining tuition is refunded. There are no refunds for materials purchased.

Rescheduled and Missed Lessons

Instructors will contact the student or responsible party if they need to cancel the lesson for any reason. It is the responsibility of the student/parent/person who paid for instruction to provide the instructor with current contact information. Cancelled lessons will be rescheduled at the instructor’s convenience.

All instructors contracted with Music Dynamics Studio of the Musical Arts are not required to “make up” lessons that a student misses for any reason. No refunds/credits or “make-up lessons” will be given due to inclement weather or personal schedule conflicts of the student, including vacations. It is the responsibility of the person paying for instruction or the parent of students under the age of 18 to call the studio if the student is unable to attend his or her scheduled lesson.   When a student misses a group lesson, for any reason. the lesson is forfeited.  A group lesson cannot be rescheduled.  Therefore, this concession is reflected in the group rate.

Photo/Video Disclaimer

Music Dynamics reserves the right and has consent and permission for any purpose whatsoever to take, use, reuse, publish, republish, modify, distort and change a student’s or parent’s (or any associated party) appearance, likeness, and forms by means of photographic equipment, portraits, videos, computers, and other techniques and media, and to use any printed matter, including but not limited to a student’s or parent’s (or any associated party) name, address and other identifying information, in conjunction therewith for the advertising, commercial, Internet “web page” use and other business purposes of Music Dynamics. An opt-out agreement pertaining to the above is available upon request and must be signed by person(s) over the age of 18.