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Private & Group Lessons


Voice, Flute, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Band Instrument instruction available from our qualified instructors as group or private lessons for ages 8+!

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Private Lessons

Individual, one-on-one instruction with a qualified educator of piano, guitar, voice, flute, violin and band instruments are offered at Music Dynamics for students to work more intensely on their very own skills and abilities.

Music students can discover and develop particular skills and talents, address issues and questions to experienced instructors, voice individual goals tailored to promote their desired progress, and meet personal goals for music study.

Instructors also address physical skills such as hand position, posture, performance techniques, correct handling of the instrument, etc., as it pertains to the individual.  Students sign up for a number of lessons with an instructor on a weekly basis for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes at a time.

See our Rates page for tuition information for private lessons.

Group Piano

Music is a social art form, therefore Music Dynamics has always offered group instruction as a regular part of weekly lessons particularly for piano/keyboard.  Those who have played or performed in school bands/orchestras, church groups, club bands, etc., know the value of interacting musically with others.  Piano/keyboard lessons in a group setting offers opportunities for the students to be exposed to music-making experiences without the usual pressures of having the direct approval of an instructor.  For the instructor, group lessons offer opportunities to share knowledge and concepts without cumbersome rhetoric.

There are just more opportunities to feel, absorb and experience musical concepts, theory fundamentals, rhythm skills, self-expression, performance poise and other things too numerous to mention.  High levels of self-esteem abound in a group lesson as students bond and become friends and partners in the learning process.

Private/Group Combination Piano Lessons Available
Students of all ages and levels can participate in this fun approach to learning to play the piano.  For the same price of private lessons, students receive 45 minutes of instruction – 15 minutes individually and 30 minutes with other students.  Two to four students are included in the group.  Check with the instructor for scheduling details. Groups are comprised of students who are learning similar concepts, performing duets and ensembles, are in close age-range and are capable of accommodating each other’s schedules.  Therefore, they are great for beginners.  Lesson content depends on the cumulative needs of the students grouped together.  Instructor’s recommendation is required.  Music Makers at the Keyboard lessons can also be taken in this format.

See our Rates page for tuition information for group piano lessons.

Darralyn’s Studio

Voice & Flute: Come Sing and Play in Darralyn’s Studio

Join Darralyn’s studio of talented musicians who achieve success through the use of skill-building exercises and the study of beautiful music. Darralyn teaches both voice and flute, and finds that there are many similarities between the two. Beauty of tone, technical skill, and confidence are the cornerstones of Darralyn’s method of teaching.

More Info

The Italian method of teaching singing known as Bel canto, meaning beautiful singing, incorporates a strong, natural tone that is achieved through a coordination of engaging certain muscles while relaxing others.  Singing in this style requires dedicated study and considerable physical exertion, but once mastered, it is a very liberating achievement.  Anyone can learn to improve their vocal tone, range, and flexibility.  Improving in these areas can benefit singers of any style of music, from Opera to Musical Theater to Pop.  Every person’s voice is unique, but the muscles and organs and the way they operate is the same, and the art is in training them to allow your unique voice to be strong and beautiful.

Students in Darralyn’s studio are aged 11 years through adult, and study a wide variety of music.  Most students study a combination of songs from Musicals, Art Song, Disney Songs, Sacred Music, Spirituals, Pop, and some ensemble music.  Many students compete in the WSMA Solo Competition and perform in a number of community events such as Recitals, the Cancer Society’s Relay for Life (Sussex/Menomenee Falls), special events, and community theater.