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Recreational Music Making

at Music Dynamics

One of the tenets of the RMM program is that it’s about personal experience and exceptional support rather than exceptional performance.

RMM programs are a unique opportunity for students to learn how to play piano and read music in a relaxed atmosphere with the emphasis on your goals rather than the goals of the teacher.  The teacher has an opportunity to guide and partner with students of any age who really want to learn.  Adults who have always dreamed of learning to play piano or want to refresh their memory of previous lessons are encouraged to enroll.

The following organizations have supported the work of many educators and researchers in fields such as mind-body wellness, stress release and many experts who continue to discover the connection between music making and wellness.

RMM is a concept developed by a national music organization known as NAMM, the International Music Products Association.  Courses offered by Music Dynamics are inspired and guided by Sandy Ryan’s active membership in the Music Teachers National Association and the National Piano Foundation and the innovative publisher, Pedagogy in Motion.  It is important to remember that you do not have to have talent to learn how to play the piano.  Human beings do have an affinity for learning certain skills, but the necessary ingredient for learning to play the piano is one’s willingness to go through slow repetition (practice!)  The formula is simple:

Desire + Slow Repetition = Success

In our piano/keyboard studio, there are enough digital pianos and electronic keyboards for each student to have his/her own keyboard to play on during the class, and headphones are also available.  Performing in front of other students is optional.

RMM Programs

“Way Cool” Keyboarding

Group Keyboarding Class for Teens & Kids | Ages 12-15

Mon, Wed, Fri – 3:30-4:30 pm.  Ages 8-11 – Monday 7:00-8:00 pm

Way Cool Keyboarding are group classes for beginners age 8-15 that meet once a week for one hour.  The ensemble (group) setting is a highly suggested environment that each musician should experience. Multiple styles of music are provided, like pop and rock’n’roll.  Chord charts are provided to help students become more familiar with the use of chords within songs.  Creative suggestions appear in the music book which can introduce improvisation, composition, and creative musical expression.  There is a CD that comes along with the music book which has several different types of accompaniments the student can play along with.  This course of music study is designed to answer the question, “Will I like piano lessons?” or “Will my child like piano lessons enough to invest more resources into music study?”  It is also just plain fun and Recreational!


This group Keyboarding lesson for teens & kids is for beginners age 8-15 that meet once a week for one hour. The ensemble (group) setting is a highly suggested environment that each musician should experience!

  • Tuition: 7pack lessons for $119, one-hour consecutive classes | *Materials Extra

Musical Moments

A Recreational Music-Making Program for Adults | Ages 15+

If you currently do not play, play a little, want to play and create music for your own enjoyment, and/or want a stress-free musical experience… We have a class for you!
Musical Moments is a 7-week long RMM group class for adults (parents, college students, retired persons, etc.)  There are no main goals for the program; the only goals set are the personal ones you plan to accomplish whether it be relaxation, companionship with fellow students, exercising mental acuity, or simply enjoy the bliss of playing music.  Groups meet for one hour, once a week and play fun, entertaining pieces. Any level of piano experience, or none at all, is acceptable for the class.  A maximum of 4 students is allowed, and each will have their own piano/keyboard to play on.  However, you must have a piano/keyboard at home to practice on!  Remember:  Recreational Music-Making Courses are student-driven, however, you will get a basic understanding of how to read music for playing a piano or keyboard.   Groups are formed according to the general level of those in the group.


A recreational music-making program for adults with day & evening lesson times available!

  • Tuition:  7 pack lessons, one-hour classes – $112 | *Materials Extra