Musical Moments

Day/Evening Classes Available:   

A Recreational Music-Making Program for Adults

If you… currently do not play or play a little,
want to play and create music for your own enjoyment,
want a stress-free musical experience… We have a class for you!
Musical Moments is a 7-week long RMM group class for adults (parents, college students, retired persons, etc.)  There are no main goals for the program; the only goals set are the personal ones you plan to accomplish whether it be relaxation, companionship with fellow students, exercising mental acuity, or simply enjoy the bliss of playing music.  Groups meet for one hour, once a week and play fun, entertaining pieces. Any level of piano experience, or none at all, is acceptable for the class.  A maximum of 4 students is allowed, and each will have their own piano/keyboard to play on.  However, you must have a piano/keyboard at home to practice on!  Remember:  Recreational Music-Making Courses are student-driven, however, you will get a basic understanding of how to read music for playing a piano or keyboard.   Groups are formed according to the general level of those in the group.
Tuition:  7 Weekly, one-hour classes – $112
Musical Moments Flyer:  PDF coming soon