Ages 0-3: Family Music for Babies and Toddlers

Ages 3-4:  Cycle of Seasons

Ages 4-5:  Music Makers

Ages 5-7:  Music Makers at the Keyboard

Ages 7 & up:  Group &/or Private lessons

Voice, Guitar, Violin/Viola, Instrumental

Most Ages (check with instructor):  Private Lessons


Ages 6-8:  Group Lessons for Young Beginners

Ages 9-12:  Group Lessons for Beginners

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Family Music For Babies & Toddlers (ages 1-3)

Starting music classes early not only benefits your child, but strengthens the bond you share with each other and the family as a whole.  Heighten your baby’s musical curiosity, create a sense of beat, and develop listening skills with silly games and activities that they will definitely get a giggle out of!

   – 30-minutes/week; 8 week period

   – $70 (includes music kit for making music at home) + $39.95 material fee

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Cycle of Seasons (ages 3-4)

You and your child can celebrate early childhood independence through musical activities.  Enjoy and nurture their discoveries of nature and self-expression as they sing and dance their way through the seasons of the year.  Use of small instruments, games, focused listening, creative movement and storytelling are what make these classes fun!

– 45-minutes/week; 8 week period

– $80 (includes your own music kit to continue playing at home) + $39.95 material fee

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Music Makers (ages 4-5)

Continue the musical start you have given your child through the Cycle of Seasons classes with this 10 week, 45 minute session.  Singing skills are further developed, and listening, symbolic thinking, concentration, memory and self-expression are increased through creative and structured movement, playing instruments and ensemble work.  Cycle of Seasons is a prerequisite for this class.

– 45-minutes/week; 10 week period

– $140, plus materials

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Music Makers At the Keyboard (ages 5-7)

Learning keyboard skills is next for your child, coming to the piano ready to play the songs from previous Musikgarten classes.  Up to six students will have the pleasure to create music with friends and gallop through the early levels of piano lessons.  Many students begin their musical journey with this class also.

– 45-min. Group Ensemble, then 15-min. parent participation; 10 week period

– $250, plus materials for assisted practice at home

Private & Group Lessons (ages 5-8)

Group Guitar Class Description (ages 6-8)

Music Makers At the Keyboard (age 5-7)

Students beginning music instruction at this age will enjoy small group lessons at the keyboard which capitalize on a child’s delight in making music with others.  At the very first lesson, they learn a song they can sing and play with both hands.  Children who have been taking Musikgarten courses, come to the piano ready to play the songs they have learned to sing, dance, and love.  These classes are weekly 60 minute classes, and parents are required to attend the last 15 minutes of class.  Students will need a keyboard to practice on and the Children’s Lesson Book w/cds.

Group or Private Piano/Keyboard (age 7-8)

Students learn to play with friends in a fun, positive learning environment on digital pianos, electronic keyboards and acoustic grand piano.  Two to six students are grouped together according to age and skill levels.  Each lesson provides exposure to musical experiences which help the student internalize rhythmic pulse, notation, expression and basic harmony.  The private/group combination allows for weekly 30 minute group + 15 minute private instruction.  This lesson format is highly recommended, however, a 30 minute private lesson is another option available for those who require it.

*See Rates tab for more details*

~All students must schedule a meeting with the instructor prior to enrolling~



Hi Sandy,

Hope you are having a good summer and that things are going well at the studio. I know we have not been in touch in a long time, but I just wanted to share this with you, since your work with Paige is still part of her life, in her own way right now, but that is what matters. So many of my friends are amazed that she can teach herself how to play the songs she wants to play. And it is all because of the start she had with your program.
Tried to send the link, but had a problem, it is www.youtube.com then search Paige Cosson. It is the “Back To December” that comes up, with her friend, Jenna Layton, singing.

Take Care,

Lisa Cosson

Private & Group Lessons (ages 8-14)


Private/Group combination lessons offer a weekly 30-minute group lesson and a 15-minute private lesson (within the same hour).  Students are grouped according to age and skill level.  Other considerations may be taken into account with the instructor prior to enrolling.

Privatelessons are 30-60 minutes each week and can be and can be purchased in packs of 7 or 10.

Recreational Music Making:

“Way Cool” Keyboarding for Teens and Kids is a fun, stress-free recreational music making class for kids ages 8-15.  This exciting program is made for kids currently taking piano lessons and is available throughout the year.

>Voice, Flute, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Violin/Viola, Band Instruments

Private lessons are 30-60 minutes each week.  Instructors are happy to work on a variety of styles of music according to the student’s interests and goals.

Group lessons are offered weekly for violin and guitar.  See Guitar Class Description (ages 9-12)

*See Rates tab for more details*

~All students are required to schedule a meeting with the instructor prior to enrolling~

Private & Group Lessons (ages 15-adult)

Private Lessons

Piano/keyboard, Voice, Flute, Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro, Banjo, Viola and Violin lessons are all available for 30-60 private minutes a week with an instructor.

Group Lessons

Weekly 60-minute lessons for 6-8 weeks at a time are offered by the individual instructors throughout the year.  Class content will be tailored to the group according to their goals and interests.  See Guitar Class Description (Adult)

Recreational Music Making Groups


Musical Moments is a fun, recreational music making class for adults. Groups meet during the day or evening for one hour.  No piano experience necessary!

Keyboard Ensemble is an opportunity for experienced piano students to take a relaxed, group  lesson with their piano friends.  We meet weekly and learn fun, quirky and sometimes challenging songs to keep the musical journey continuing.  Students must be enrolled with Sandy Ryan in private lessons.

*See Rates tab for details*

~A meeting with the instructor prior to enrolling private/group classes is required~